Our ecosystem of connectivity solutions

One of the great challenges of the acceleration of digitization in the world in the last year is the increasing need to manage, store and access large volumes of information and data from and to anywhere. Gtd has strengthened its position in this field for decades, through permanent investment and development of its own capabilities at the service of its clients.

Gtd has its own Datacenter network, with Tier III stations in Medellín (Colombia), Lima (Peru) and the Chilean network, made up of four Tier III centers, three of them located in Santiago and one in Puerto Montt. In addition, it was the first Chilean telecommunications company to open nodes in the United States (Miami and Los Angeles) and Brazil (Sao Paulo), thereby improving both its connectivity service and also reducing latency. In this way, the company's clients have the adequate infrastructure to incorporate on-premise environments or Cloud services of IAAS, PaaS or DRAAS (Disaster recovery) in their architecture in a site more than 1000 km away and connected to all of Chile by submarine fiber optic route.

For example, the deployment of the submarine fiber optic cable, Prat, represents not only the opportunity to improve the quality of connectivity in Chile, but also opens the door to all of Latin America to business opportunities on a global scale, allowing the delivery of networks and connectivity redundancy rings from Arica to Coyhaique, doubling Chile's connectivity speed and improving service uptime. According to Mauricio Navarrete, Gtd Wholesale Business Manager, "This investment positions Gtd as a strategic ally for our clients, offering a Datacenter Network at the Latam level and the most powerful at the Chilean level, and all with the best connectivity, both on land and underwater.”