Gtd supports the growth of Cloud services, which is projected to grow 30,4% in Latin America in 2023

The Intelligence Data Corporation (IDC) states that in Chile alone growth will reach 29,7%. Gtd plans to build two brand new data centers to strengthen their IT offer.

The evolution of digital services has experienced exponential growth worldwide in the last few years and will continue to do so. Carolina Araya,  Infrastructure Strategy & Wholesale Segment Manager, atributes this growth to multiple factors in business development, for example, the growing adoption of both public and private cloud services.  

Put simply, cloud computing is technology that allows for remote access to applications, platforms, storage and processing of data over the internet or private networks. At Gtd we have a complete ecosystem of IT solutions that allow our clients to access these digital and technological capabilities in a customized fashion, adapting to our client´s requirements and thereby asuring their operational continuity.  
“The market is growing by double digits and in order to support this record growth, it´s essential to have a robust and reliable infrastructure, of both connectivity and data centers” she remarked.

According to the International Data Corporation, Latin American companies are projectoed to spend US $8.573 million on data storage services by 2024. This would imply a 34,6% rise with respect to the year 2020.

Currently Gtd has a self-owned network with 9 datacenters located in Chile, Peru, and Colombia which comprise a true backbone infrastructure for IT services, giving it a solid position in the market. Six of our data centers have Tier III certification, which in addition to our Points of presence in the United States and Brazil allow for vast and secure data traffic. Furthermore, our network includes the southern-most data center in the continente located in the city of Puerto Mont.  

“We have a powerful infrastructure network and a state of the art professional team, which allows us to tailor our solutions and best fit our clients´ needs”, says Carolina, adding that our IT solutions minimize your operational risks and offer agility and efficiency for innovation, enabling new capabilities for your clients in a fast and secure manner.