Gtd the only Latin American operator nominated at the DCD Awards

The DCD Awards recognize the most outstanding projects, people and teams in IT and Datacenter services, and this year more applicants than ever were received in 11 categories.

It is important to mention that we were the only Latin American operator nominated in these categories:

  • Data Center Construction Team of the Year: The delivery of a Datacenter and its services is a race against time, since time is money. The final product must not fall below the agreed specifications and quality standards. The winner will be the team that showed commitment and initiative as their construction project progressed and ended up delivering a data center in a manner that exceeded expectations.
  • Data Center Operations Team of the Year: No one manages a data center in isolation and teamwork is a crucial skill along with the technical knowledge the job requires. The operations team has to work on behalf of customers inside and outside of their organization, ensuring that the operation runs reliably and effectively, as well as responding effectively to unforeseen situations, requests and challenges. The winning team will be the one that is convened to undertake a special task or project that requires organization, coordination and dedication beyond day-to-day operations.

This time, we are not winners. But it is a recognition, which is very important to share with our customers.